The Importance of Car Battery Replacement

A car’s life depends on its battery and battery failure leads to vehicle failure. A car battery not only gives power to the engine but also stabilises and filters the power transmitted for ignition. Although a dead battery can be recharged, like everything else it also loses its strength to hold the power for long. Several factors contribute to its decreasing effectiveness, including weather conditions, improper care, duration of use and a long mileage.

To maintain car batteriesfor a longer duration always keep your vehicle charged and drive the vehicle daily. When the car is kept stationary for long periods, the car battery eventually dies.

Causes of car battery damage

Car Battery Replacement
Car Battery Replacement
  • Climatic conditions:

In harsh climatic conditions like extremely cold or hot weather, the battery is most likely to wear down. In excessive heat, the battery fluid may cause a chemical reaction, leading to a swollen battery. In extreme winters, the battery becomes very slow. The oils in the engine become thick from cold temperature and therefore, battery fluids need to charge to transfer heat for ignition.

  • Use of car:

The way you use your car also plays a significant role in determining your car’s life. The more roughly a vehicle is used, the faster the battery deteriorates. Leaving headlights on idly also drains a lot of battery from the car. Another nail in the coffin for your vehicle is driving with loose battery terminals and for short distances.

How can car battery replacement benefit you?

Vehicle batteries do have a specified lifespan which is shortened by improper care. This could create hurdles if the battery gives out when you are traveling. GP Mobile Mechanic is here by your side. Give us a call and we will reach you wherever you are in Werribee. With our regular battery maintenance service, you can significantly increase your battery’s lifespan.

Periodical battery replacement saves you from any inconvenience, ensuring that the engine active. This is important because your car’s life and performance depend on your car’s battery. Here are a few benefits of a new car battery:

  • Low maintenance:

They mitigate the effect of vehicle’s wearing out. Thus, the vitality of your vehicle in enhanced whichincreasestheir lifespan.

  • Superb charging speed:

New batteries tend to perform efficiently. This results in them charging faster as compared to old batteries.

  • Long life:

New batteries increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Moreover, they have more power and energy to transmit to the engine.

  • Strong fluid retention:

They have a low discharge rate. Thus, there is better battery fluid retention.

Investing into a low-quality battery is not the best idea as it would require multiple repairs for them to function longer. These types of batteries also become the cause of engine failure and other car faults further increasing maintenance cost. At GP Mobile Mechanic, you can be rest assured you’re your car is in the best of hands. Our skilled mechanics are experts in all automotive repair services. Just give us a call, and we will replace your old battery with a new high-quality battery, at a location that suits your convenience.

Step By Step Guide For Car Battery Replacement

Car battery replacement requires a skilled professional to handle its upkeep and replacement. This is due to batteries consuming highly inflammable fluids which are corrosive. Any missed link can result in severe malfunction and compromise the safety of the handler. Installing a new battery is just as difficult. To avoid such a dangerous scenario, call professionals at GP Mobile Mechanic in Werribee and Melbourne.

Here is how the car battery replacement procedure is carried out:

  1. Remove battery cables (remember their position)
  2. Remove screws and fasteners to detach the battery from its place
  3. Clean and clear up the battery resting tray thoroughly
  4. Place your new battery in the right position on the tray
  5. Fasten back all screws to make it firm in place
  6. Re-join cables with the terminals just as you removed them

Though straightforward, it is a risky process. Old batteries can be a serious health hazard and misplacing new batteries can be dangerous for a vehicle’s vitality. Call us today for all your automotive needs.