Disc And Drum Machining in Werribee and Melbourne

Our cars are vulnerable especially when travelling on rocky roads. In such areas, you might need to use the brakes quite a lot, which can affect the functioning of discs and drums. Moreover, a car’s disc and the drum are likely to deteriorate with time. That why our expert mechanics at GP Mobile provide quality automotive services. Our services are specially designed to repair and replace the disc and drum through machining.

The brake disc is a metal pane on which the brake pads are forced to deter wheels from swivelling. Drum brakes are on which the brake shoe is pressed. Problems with the surface of the brake discs or brake drums can cause early wearing of brake pads, vibration or squeak when braking. This can prove to be quite dangerous while attempting to halt your vehicle.Often, the surface of a disc or drum can be treated or repaired instead of being replaced.At GP Mobile Mechanic, we prove quality service at a cost-effective rate in Werribee and Melbourne.

Disc & Drum Brake

Constant strain on the disc and drum leads to wearing, causing distortions and cracks in the machine. The restoration is complex but not for our technicians. Our 15 years of experience help us effectively dealing with complex automotive processes.If your brakes are soft or hard to press, you immediately need a repair service before your next drive. Don’t have time to drive your vehicle to the workshop? Call us and we will come wherever you find it convenient.

Our team of skilled mechanics understand every process associated with disc and drum machining. We will effectively restore errors through the machining process. Our main aim lies in smoothing the disc and drum surface so that there is optimal friction thus improving the functioning of brake pads.

We, at GP Mobile Mechanic,use employ authentic spare parts. So, whether it is a major or minor issue with discs and drums, we will always take care of it adhering to the manufacturer’s standards. Working to deliver the best, our technicians always provide effective and long-lasting solutions, attained through a descriptive process and dedicated workmanship.

Best Choice for Disc and Drum Machining In Werribee And Melbourne

Motorists all over Melbourne trust us for many reasons including:

  • Qualified technicians
  • Knowledge to deal with all makes and models (modern and classic)
  • 24/7 mobile service
  • Fast and efficient working procedure
  • Cost-effective
  • 15 years of experience

If you feel that something is wrong with your vehicle and it is losing friction, then contact us to book a quote today.